Tools from My Shop

Tools from My Shop

Here are a few of the tools and products that I am frequently asked about. These may not all be beginner tools, but most are and should get you a good start into DIY woodworking. Start with the basics and whatever you can afford and get building something today. I don’t necessarily have all of the below tools, but if a tool I have is out of production I will recommend a suitable replacement.


antique tools for beginners
antique tools for beginners

In addition to these beginner tools, I use a lot of vintage tools. Some of which were passed down from my father and great grandfather and others of which I’ve procured over the years. To me, it’s hard to beat using a 100 year old tool on a project and letting your mind wander to all of the other projects that tool may have been used on. I often find that these are the best tool for the job anyways!

The key to remember when starting to acquire beginner tools is that there are typically multiple tool options for any given job. This does not mean that there isn’t a best tool for the job, just that you do not have to own every single tool just to get started. Just think of all the houses and structures built before we even had power tools!

I always recommend starting small with whatever beginner tools you can afford and building your shop as you go and as you are able to sell products to fund new tools.

Please check out my projects page HERE for some great DIY woodworking projects to get you started.

The majority of the below are affiliate links, so if you purchase from these links I may get a small commission. If you choose to support me in this way I greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU!












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