The Top 12 DIY Woodworking Websites

The Top 12 DIY Woodworking Websites

Below is a list of my top 12 DIY woodworking websites. This list is in no particular order and is by no means meant to be a comprehensive list. There is so much free and paid information available for DIY woodworkers at all skilled levels on the web, it would be impossible to list them all. As always, please support these sites by visiting them, leaving a comment, buying a plan, following them on social media, etc. Please let me know your favorite woodworking websites that I left of the list, enjoy!

1.       Ana-White

Ana has been doing this a long time and has a killer DIY woodworking website. She has to have the most comprehensive collection of free plans on the web! Her plans primarily cater to DIY projects but her site is a great place for anyone to get idea inspiration and try out some new projects

2.       Fun With Woodworking

Donald LeBlanc’s woodworking website includes some great DIY woodworking plans and videos suitable for any skill level. His site is full of rich content and is well organized.

3.       I Build It

John Heisz is a genius when it comes to new ideas and taking woodworking to the next level. He has a collection of excellent videos and plans for novice to advance woodworkers on his DIY woodworking website.

4.       I like to Make Stuff

Bob Clagett does a great job sharing his projects through video and blogging on his DIY woodworking website, as well as having a Maker 101 series and his own book about his path to content creation.

5.       Paul Sellers – A Lifestyle Woodworker

Paul has been around awhile and has the content on his DIY woodworking website to prove it. Whether you are just getting starting or want to focus more on hand tool woodworking, you will find lots of value in Paul’s content.

6.       Shanty 2 Chic

Lots of household furniture and home décor plans on this DIY woodworking website from sisters Ashley and Whitney, suitable for any skill level using easy to find materials. They do a great job with pictures, video, and detailed plans for all of their projects.

7.       Make Something

Most of the projects on this DIY woodworking website are great for taking your woodworking to the next level by trying a unique and challenging woodworking project.


8.       The Wood Whisperer

Anything and everything you want to know about woodworking is provided by Marc Spagnuolo on his DIY woodworking website. You can find links here to all of his videos, plans, podcast, book, and the woodworker guild with many more advanced level woodworking projects to really test your skills.

9.       Wilker Dos

April Wilkerson has a great selection of home and shop project articles and videos on her DIY woodworking website. She does a great job showing projects without many complicated and specialized tools, making them possible for anyone to try.

10.   Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Steve has done a great job with his DIY woodworking website making tons of free woodworking project plans available for novice and DIY woodworkers.

11.   Jay’s Custom Creations

Jay has a very comprehensive DIY woodworking website that he does a great job keeping current and providing excellent woodworking videos and plans. His seris on Sketchup is a must watch for any new or experienced woodworker.

12.   Fix This Build That

Brad’s woodworking website features a ton of excellent DIY woodworking project videos as well as a collection of extremely detailed free and paid woodworking project plans.


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